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2 minutes ago
Kathy Grimes added a discussion to the group Sacramento Aquaponics

Non feeder goldfish & worms

Hello-Has anybody found a source for non-feeder goldfish?  We keep losing our entire system of goldfish everytime we buy more goldfish from Petsmart.  We are also looking for local worms.See More
1 hour ago
Curry Benoit replied to Robert Clark's discussion space / price effective tanks
"Chances are the they are safe for the fish. MikeH is right though, unless you plan on scrapping the system before you add the red claws, American crawfish shouldn't be an option. As far as goldfish go, I use them to start off any new system.…"
2 hours ago
Curry Benoit replied to Chris's discussion Cycling
"I always kick a new system off using goldfish. They are cheap and easy to replace, and they make the same ammonia as every other fish. Depending on your water supply some of your fish will probably die. I used Youtube to find out everything I would…"
2 hours ago
Curry Benoit replied to Zach's discussion My first Day With Plants
"I agree with Alex, with 12 fish I would add even more plants if your concerned about space, maybe you could go with some micro greens, or a couple vine of plants that you could control their direction of growth. On your 50 gallon barrel system, you…"
3 hours ago
Curry Benoit replied to Brendan Van Epps's discussion Whitefly
"I haven't had any problems with white fly specifically, but I have had other insect infestations. So, I caught two baby lizards 6 months ago and put them in my greenhouse. Now they are fully grown (4 inch bodies) and every time I see them they…"
4 hours ago
Hollis Armstrong posted a discussion

Basic Questions

I'm trying to put together a BCA (Business Case Analysis) for commercial AP operation. I have come across a few things that I'm not sure about. If you guys could help me out a little here I would appreciate it.1) Is there a list of what vegetables…See More
5 hours ago
Brendan Van Epps replied to Brendan Van Epps's discussion Whitefly
"Thanks everyone! Nice to know that it is not just I that shares in the frustration. I have begun using the liquid seaweed already and I am setting up the traps today. I will keep you posted. Liquid life...I like your solution...however I must…"
6 hours ago
Keith Rowan left a comment for Bill Rosselot
"i'm probably a little too far from you, up near cleveland, i've had an ap system since 2010, started outdoors my first year then moved into my basement... if i can offer any help, i'd be glad to"
6 hours ago
Liquid Life Gardens {John} replied to Brendan Van Epps's discussion Whitefly
"Have you thought about non-venomous spiders like daddy long legs and others. According to National Geographic their Latin name in English means "aphid suckers " you might look into this as a possibility."
7 hours ago
Steve Erickson replied to Brendan Van Epps's discussion Whitefly
"I hear you about it being frustrating. I've got either a whitefly or some sort of fungus gnat problem that I haven't been able to resolve. It is very frustrating. I am growing in a basement. I have tried applying beneficial nematodes as…"
8 hours ago
Wade replied to Joe Phillips's discussion Low Nitrates
"You can supplement the nutrients in your system. When I started my system originally I used Maxicrop with iron during the cycling. The plants did great. You can purchase the stuff in the Aquaponic Store. For a system as small as yours a few drops…"
8 hours ago
Suzanne Hayes replied to Brendan Van Epps's discussion Whitefly
"please post if you have any luck with the liquid seaweed. Apparently there is a tomato disease that is caused/transmitted by white flies. The only "remedy" have have seen in traditional gardening is to pull the plant and start again. Not…"
9 hours ago
Paul Trudeau replied to Brian's discussion Question regarding our summer weather in the group Sacramento Aquaponics
"San Luis Obispo? "
9 hours ago
Liquid Life Gardens {John} joined Chris Smith's group

Raft/Deep Water Culture Growers

A group dedicated to raft growers. A place to share tips, tricks, and general info.See More
9 hours ago
Liquid Life Gardens {John} joined Sylvia Bernstein's group

Media Based Systems

This is a group for members who grow using media, such as gravel, Hydroton, expanded shale, etc. See More
9 hours ago
Liquid Life Gardens {John} posted a group

Gulf Coast Aquaponics

For aquaponics gardeners and farmers in the gulf coast states. We welcome those that are new to aquaponics and those that are experienced.See More
9 hours ago
leo bugaeff joined TCLynx's group


Think of it like a book club or library. A place to share recommended titles, links and articles. Start a discussion about a particular book or ask for recommendations from othersSee More
15 hours ago
Sean joined Bill Storey's group

Mid-Atlantic Aquapons

A home for Mid-Atlanic Aquapons to come and share.    See More
16 hours ago
Sean commented on Derrick Kerr's group Maryland Aquaponics
"Hey, I'm new to the forum, but been doing aquaponics for about 4 months now. Looking to meet others in the MD area into tilapia Aquaponics. I'm in the Baltimore Annapolis area."
16 hours ago


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