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Got a problem with brown leafs on cucumbers

I need help with my cucumber plants & squash not producing.  All my levels are where they're suppose to be.  I have 100 gal fish tank w…

Started by Jack Lansford

12 11 hours ago
Reply by Vlad Jovanovic

Wooden Growbed Sealing/Suggestions

Hi, I've been working on a new aquaponic system and recently developed concerns regarding the seasonal swelling/shrinking of wood due to m…

Started by Carson Miller

4 22 hours ago
Reply by Scott Fonte

Just Started

My 100 gallon system has been cycling for two days now. Nitrate and nitrite levels almost zero. Ammonia level almost zero. Ph level at 7.6.…

Started by Thaddeus J Dick

5 22 hours ago
Reply by Scott Fonte

what is wrong with my AP plumbing?

After about 2 months of the water pumping fine, the pump is a bit weak and not pumping hard enough for the siphons to run right. Are my pi…

Started by Ryan Garlington

20 yesterday
Reply by Jeff S

Snails in system

               Does anybody keep snails in your system on purpose? I put some in 2 weeks ago, and they are feasting on the algae.

Started by Westwinds

3 yesterday
Reply by Scott Fonte

Hole spacing in rafts

Please feel free to direct me to any discussions on this matter that have already been posted. What is this forum's opinion on the differe…

Started by Kristine Allouchery

2 on Monday
Reply by Kristine Allouchery


Can anyone please tell me how many Koi should I have in a 1000Lts IBC tank for 3 growbeds?

Started by Josette Portelli

8 Jul 7
Reply by Josette Portelli

Liquid seaweed

Is it ok to add a little liquid seaweed to the fish tank when your fish are already in the tank to help the plants?

Started by pierre roy

3 Jul 6
Reply by Josette Portelli

help! Aphids!

Our @ 5x4 grow bed has been over run by root aphids and regular aphids. I have tried spinosad and soap but everytime I seem near to eradica…

Started by christina soulia

10 Jul 2
Reply by Alex Veidel


My system is over 90days old and I see no sign of nitrate growth. My water is from my well and the Ph is a constant 7.6 the fish are thrivi…

Started by OSCAR SMITH

6 Jul 1


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