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Natural pH down?

Hello everyone! We are having an issue with high pH. It's settled right at 8.0, which as you know is fine for the fish (koi), but the plan…

Started by Rob

6 yesterday
Reply by Jeff S

Wicking Beds, a practical way to combine Aquaponics and gardening.

Hi Friends, Here are three articles from the Earthan Group in Australia, on their use and design of wicking beds for a practical approach t…

Started by Paul Smith

3 on Tuesday
Reply by Paul Smith

Tips for moving a mama?

Any tips for moving a female with a mouth full of eggs?  I know if startled they will spit them out, but I want to try moving her, as the m…

Started by Suzanne Hayes

3 on Tuesday
Reply by Jeff S

A couple newbie questions

Hello, I am new to aquaponics and working on building my first system. I have read the book and it has been a great help. So here is some b…

Started by Gary

1 on Tuesday
Reply by Jeff S

Bag In Box Aquaponics (BIBA): a cheap first system you can build yourself

Hello everyone,I am a social worker interested in promoting sustainable living and educational programs though aquaponics. I created a non-…

Started by david Verlinden

0 Apr 15

bug problem

Hi all! I have a bug  problem in my set up. They look like spider mites to me but are yellowish tan. I am trying to eradicate them with dr.…

Started by christina soulia

10 Apr 14
Reply by christina soulia

ratio between amount of fish and size of growbed

hi shalom from jerusalem have 2 ponds one about 380 liters with about 20 carp about 6cm and a deepwater system grow bed about 2 sqaur meter…

Started by shalom brenner

1 Apr 13
Reply by Glenn

woms in my deep water bed (DWB)

I put some worms into my media beds some time ago.  recently I found some worms in the DWB.  I guess my system has plenty of dissolved oxyg…

Started by Alan Barnett

2 Apr 12
Reply by Alan Barnett

Do you need some quick plant activity in a new growbed?

I used to do this in regular gardening and thought it would to well in a media bed. Use a bunch of green onions from the grocery store. Cu…

Started by Ryan Garlington

3 Apr 10
Reply by Scott Roberts

oops- I put way too much Bicarb in tank

Basically, I need to know if I should maybe do a 1/2 water swap. I got my KH test, but thought adding the po-bicarb would lower test levels…

Started by Ryan Garlington

4 Apr 8
Reply by Ryan Garlington


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