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Fish with a white 'slime' on it?

Have a hybrid striped bass that has some manner of a 'slime' on it. Looks like it may be a bacterial or fungal issue... Segregated him from…

Started by Timothy McMaster

2 on Monday
Reply by Timothy McMaster

Looking for fish in California

Hello everyone, I'm new to this sight and to aquaponics and am still trying to get my system set up. I am looking for some fish for my syst…

Started by Darwin Anthony

3 Apr 10
Reply by Darwin Anthony

sexing tilapias

Identifing tilapia for reproduction Hi Everyone, I have 15 tilapias and just separated 3 to a new aquarium with the purpose of reproductio…

Started by Pablo

0 Apr 7

tilapia skin sores

Hi I'm hoping someone on this forum could help me identify the cause of these sores on my blue tilapia. Water conditions have been fine. A…

Started by Demitri Lifgren

3 Apr 6
Reply by Randall Wimbish

A Newbie to aquaponics

First, I would like to thank you for allowing my membership. I'm still learning how to navigate this forum so I'm sure that the questions t…

Started by Jack Dunbar

2 Apr 6
Reply by Jack Dunbar

Fish not eating

Does low pH affect fish feeding? Our fish have stopped eating for the past week. We haven't changed anything like temp 77, but I have been…

Started by Verna Gross

1 Apr 3
Reply by Ralph R. Zerbonia

fish ratios

The rule of thumb is alb of fish to 1 square foot of grow bed.  How do we accomodate the ratio when we are starting with fingerlings and fr…

Started by Patrick Thomas

6 Apr 2
Reply by Jonathan Kadish NYC AA Chair

Fish dying

Started system March 1st and sarted out with 20 30 fish (29 cent goldies at petco) lost 10 15 less than 1 month then bought 6 more and 1 di…

Started by Lindsey Haley

4 Apr 1
Reply by Lindsey Haley

Fish aren't surviving

Had fifteen fish when I started a month ago. Down to 5 fish now. Checked PH was at 7.6 or above trying to get it to 7.5. Water is clear, n…

Started by Shawn Patton

5 Mar 24
Reply by Randall Wimbish

Fish type

 I live in North Idaho.  What type of fish should I use in my tanks? I am putting the tanks in the green house that faces south, so it will…

Started by Ted Lacy

1 Mar 24
Reply by Jonathan Kadish NYC AA Chair


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