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Build up of solid waste in tank

Last night I startled my fish when I shined a light into the tank and in the commotion, I noticed a lot of solid wasted get kicked up and w…

Started by Robert

1 on Saturday
Reply by George

Strange symptoms leading to death of Tilapia breeding colony

Hi I need some help!! I received my first shipment of Nile and Wami Tilapia on Wednesday. When we received them the wami male was dying an…

Started by Cait

1 Oct 14
Reply by Cait

Why do my fish taste bad?

I had my first harvest of fish last night (yea!), but I was not satisfied with the taste or the process. First, it was not easy to clean th…

Started by Hank Paloci

7 Oct 11
Reply by Sue McL

Columnaris Treatment in Tilapia?

I have 7 tilapia, around 6", in a 6' 100 gallon tank with a group of BN plecos. They are not hooked up to any growbeds but I do intend to e…

Started by Ellen Roelofs

5 Oct 5
Reply by Dr GSM

Failed Fish Harvest

I tried to harvest one the my bigger fish today and I couldn't figure out how it kept getting out of the net until I realized it had thrash…

Started by Suzanne Hayes

3 Oct 2
Reply by Suzanne Hayes

Feeding Babies

After an aborted attempt to move my female with a brood, I noticed a bunch of fry in my main tank.  Obviously the stress of trying to move…

Started by Suzanne Hayes

4 Oct 2
Reply by Cliff Burnley

How do you handle sick fish in aquaponics?

Hi, I have a sick goldfish, no appetite, a big white spot on his body and his feces is long, white and stringy. My nitrates were running a…

Started by Niklas Hjelm

2 Oct 2
Reply by Cliff Burnley

Tilapia dying despite good water conditions, help!

Hello fellow aquaponists: Recently, I have experimented with a new system (i.e. grow towers above a single fish tank that houses the fish a…

Started by Ng Dong Wei

12 Sep 24
Reply by Jeff S

Separated Papa & Mama Blue - too many babies! But...

Before the last batch of babies hatched I had pulled Papa and put him in a separate tank. About a week after the babies hatched, I pulled M…

Started by Pam DeLong

0 Sep 15

Tilapia or Trout, Heated garage or not.

Hello Everyone, I live in Virginia and the winter get pretty cool and the summers get pretty warm. During the spring and fall if you dont l…

Started by Scott Lee York

7 Aug 26
Reply by Scott Lee York


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