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Drowning slugs by flooding growbeds?

Hello Aquaponic Community, I have waged war on the slugs in my growbeds.  I read recently that I should flood the growbed for 15 minutes o…

Started by James Rubasch

2 Nov 23
Reply by George

Strawberries Don't Taste Right

I'm growing strawberries everywhere but the ones in my aquaponics don't seem to have that sweet strawberry taste. Any ideas why?

Started by Jeff S

5 Nov 15
Reply by Jeff S

Blooms are dying?

225 gal Ft 4 27gal grow beds (flood & drain) 35 gal sump Swirl filter Ammonia 0ppm Nitrite 0ppm Nitrate 40ppm pH 7.7 Look real close…

Started by Patrick DiFlorio

2 Nov 13
Reply by sam

White spots on my licorice mint.

Hello, Can someone please tell me what the white spots on the leaves of my licorice plant are? I have read some topics on powdery mildew b…

Started by Ferry

0 Nov 11

Advice on tomatoes

Hi All I'm very new to AP. I inherited a system (flood and drain). I am currently growing tomatoes, basil, mint, dill and strawberries, wit…

Started by Adrian M

4 Nov 3
Reply by Robert Morris

Adding salts

There was a discussion on here the other day where Vlad suggested adding salts (sodium chloride, potassium chloride and epsom salts) i was…

Started by Gary Anderson

29 Oct 19
Reply by seove


We have big healthy squash plants that are dropping blossoms but there are many small squash as well. We are starting to pollinate manually…

Started by Verna Gross

1 Oct 15
Reply by Chris Soliz

Growing curcuma longa (turmeric) in aquaponic system.

Can curcuma longa (turmeric) or ginger roots be successfully grown in an aquaponics system? Maybe in the aquapot fabric pots or a wicking b…

Started by Michael & Kristine Stoddard

3 Oct 9
Reply by Kellrae

Transplant from AP to Soil

Quick question. Does anyone have experience transplanting your AP plants to an outdoor soil garden? I have a bunch of tomatoes that are get…

Started by Arwen Vaughan

9 Sep 22
Reply by Charlie

Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl or something else??

I have a 600 gallon system with a single 40 gal grow bed and some NFT. They system has been running for over a year now. My tomatoes all lo…

Started by Larry Miller

6 Aug 25
Reply by David Marland


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