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Newbie Needs Help - Tomato Leaves Curling

I have a new aquaponics setup and need some help with a few problems. Setup CHIFT PIST   Sump pumps to grow beds, grow beds flow to fish t…

Started by Craig Osterloh

4 on Saturday
Reply by Jeff S

Damping off problems

Hi All. Greetings from Ohio! I'm new to the forum, and this is the first system I've had since 1999. I have a gravel media, flood and drain…

Started by Adam Kimball Bevan

6 Apr 13
Reply by Curtis Lewis

Deficiency or Disease?

I'm assuming this is a deficiency because it is showing up on the tomatoes in my existing grow bed as well as on the basil and sage in my n…

Started by Larry Miller

1 Mar 24
Reply by George

Seeding Direct to Grow Media?

I am trying to rebuild my AP system.  I have converted to a raft growbed using hydroton clay pebbles for media.  To start seeds, I have pl…

Started by Scott Mooney

3 Mar 11
Reply by Michelle Tonkinson

Herbs -- Aquapods or Towers?

Would like to start selling fresh cut herbs at the farmers market.  What method do you think is better for the following herbs?: Parsley M…

Started by Chase Vitak

1 Mar 8
Reply by George

Strawberries Don't Taste Right

I'm growing strawberries everywhere but the ones in my aquaponics don't seem to have that sweet strawberry taste. Any ideas why?

Started by Jeff S

8 Mar 2
Reply by Jeff S

yellowing new growth

All of my readings are as fallows ph is between 7.2 /7.6 Ammonia is between 2.0/4.0 ppm Nitrite is close to a 5.0 ppm the nitrate level is…

Started by Anthony Price

2 Feb 25
Reply by Alex Veidel

AP bonsai?

I have growbeds full of gravel with strawberries and such growing happily in a flood and drain system. Its my other plant addiction, togeth…

Started by Eric

0 Feb 24

Getting rid of caterpillars

I would appreciate ideas on how to get rid of caterpillars that have eaten down some cabbage and pak choi plants overnight, and are threate…

Started by Yvonne McCalla Sobers

6 Feb 11
Reply by Gilda Baise


Hello! Can you all tell me how to effectively get rid off aphids from my cucumber leaves. I hate to see them so much. Thanks for your help.

Started by Aquaman

4 Jan 26
Reply by Aquaman


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