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What deficiency is this?

I've been fighting this for a while but am still struggling. I've added iron and that seems to help for a very short bit then the same thin…

Started by Larry Miller

6 yesterday
Reply by Alex Veidel

Growing Duckweed for Fish Food

any one growing their own duck weed for additional fish food? How is it working out for you? any tricks? Duckweed gardening here!

Started by Chelsea Brannan

12 yesterday
Reply by Moe

Cucumber's leaves turning brown

Cucumber's leaves turning brown & drying out, plant has around 50+ cuc on it about 1 1/2" long.its in flood & drain system, also pl…

Started by Brad Moreau

6 Jul 22
Reply by Alex Veidel

Black spots on leaves

I noticed that the Lettuce leaves, Basil and the Honey Dew Melon leaves have this black spot that appears on the leaves of the plant. Th…

Started by Richard Kowalski

8 Jun 18
Reply by George T

mealy tomatoes?

I think I have a nutrient deficiency but I can't figure out what it is. Most of my system is full of tomatoes and cayenne peppers. My leafy…

Started by Hank Paloci

11 Jun 17
Reply by Alex Veidel

Sick Rosemary in Aquaponics bed

The rosemary plants in my growbeds have mostly whiteish leaves (new shoots are green, turn whitish with small black spots over time).  Othe…

Started by Bill Phelps

2 Jun 11
Reply by Randall Wimbish

Blooms are dying?

225 gal Ft 4 27gal grow beds (flood & drain) 35 gal sump Swirl filter Ammonia 0ppm Nitrite 0ppm Nitrate 40ppm pH 7.7 Look real close…

Started by Patrick DiFlorio

1 Jun 3
Reply by Patrick DiFlorio

Pak Choy

Hello,  I am experimenting with growing Pak Choy. Here is a picture of the very first one I have grown in my indoor system. Notice the root…

Started by Richard Kowalski

1 May 28
Reply by Richard Kowalski

New Tomato disease/ fungus or a deficiency?

Hey all, All of my tomatoes in my large media based system have somehow contracted a horrible disease in which all of the new growth is ext…

Started by Mathew Slattery

1 May 18
Reply by Jonathan Kadish NYC AA Chair

Huge Deficiencies in Large AP system

I have something not right in my large raft AP system. All plants appear to have deficiencies. Need HELP!! Any suggestions.

Started by Mathew Slattery

7 May 17
Reply by Randal Duren


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