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dutch buckets one tomatoe plant or more?

Hello, I just connected 5, 20 liters buckets into my existing aquaponic system. I want to put tomatoes in them. My question is, do i leav…

Started by Peter Wolff

2 21 hours ago
Reply by Peter Wolff

The Bug Battle

How are people tackling the bugs that find our systems?  I've been using a combination of beneficial insects (mainly ladybugs) and spraying…

Started by Sylvia Bernstein

195 yesterday
Reply by John Cubit

Unknown Pepper Plant Disease

I'm growing in a LED powered indoor system, and my plants (and tilapia) have all been doing phenomenally well, with one exception. One of m…

Started by Michael Vredenburgh

0 on Monday

Plants not growing.

I have had my aquaponics system running for about a year now.  I have been up and down with my fish and at the pressent time I have a littl…

Started by Waneta E. Dalton

5 on Friday
Reply by Scott Roberts

plants die after a fast growth

Hello, I started my aquaponic-system in July. I cyceld the system with out fish. Everything went pretty fine. Since cycling is finished (be…

Started by Futti

10 Sep 15
Reply by JoAnne Bell

High humidity cold weather spinach growing

I live in USDA Zone 5a, which means we see -25 degF in winter.  That means my greenhouse can drop down to about zero.  There's no way I'm e…

Started by Jeremiah Robinson

5 Sep 8
Reply by Jeremiah Robinson

Flood & drain beds starving, but float tank doing well ... why?

I am running a fishless system, it just completed cycling about a month ago and now some issues are becoming apparent. The short story is t…

Started by Stacey King

10 Sep 8
Reply by Alex Veidel

Transparent grow beds

I'm designing a system of V-shaped shelfs that serve as grow beds.  I'm considering making the shelves of clear acrylic to display the root…

Started by Dan E. Burns

4 Sep 7
Reply by Vlad Jovanovic

Using Maxicrop

Added maxicrop to my bilge tank which floods my 3 grow beds as per instructions of 1 oz per 6 gallons ..(1 tsp per gallon)   Water turned d…

Started by Steve Armeros

1 Aug 25
Reply by Jonathan Kadish NYC AA Chair

Honey Dew Melons

I seem to have a problem with a Honey Dew Melon plant. The plant is very healthy. No sign of deficiency. It has been producing fruit like c…

Started by Richard Kowalski

9 Aug 20
Reply by Jim Fisk


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