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This is an odd request.  I've begun writing a combination novel/instruction manual for aquaponics, and would like some feedback.

The premise is that one member of an unusual family of raccoons "invents" aquaponics and leaves behind his appendix (this is a pun) which includes detailed notes that another family member (and the reader) must decipher and figure out what to do with.

Attached is a draft of the first few chapters.  

My wife (an editor) doesn't think there's an audience for it because she thinks the DIY crowd and readers of experimental fiction are very different.  Or, at least, people would like to keep their instruction manuals separate from their pleasure reading.

So that's what I'm wondering.  Do you think there's an audience out there?  My suspicion is "no," but I thought I'd ask you all because you'd know if anyone does.  Would you buy this?  Would your kids, your friends?  What would make it more appealing?

I'd especially like advice on the "plumbing" chapter - not how to make it more accurate - but how to make it less jarring, or to fit better with the structure of the novel.

Thanks in advance!

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