Are You Using an Airlift Pump?

     Glenn Martinez of Olomana Gardens and I had several problems to solve down at America Samoa during 2011 when we came from Hawaii to teach and build aquaponics systems to the local community.      We have found out that the Airlift Pump was the appropriate solution for several issues and thus we became most interested in the subject.

     Since then, Glenn has improved and invented very efficient airlift pumping systems that we would like to share them with all of you tomorrow, Monday, August 12, 2013 at 4:00 PM EST (which is 10:00 AM in Hawaii). Click here for the event:

     We will go through the various airlift pump systems that were developed by Glenn Martinez of Olomana Garden and concentrate then on the “How To” of particular systems.
     May I now ask you to please let me know if you are using airlift pump?

If yes, what are using it for and how?






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Aquaponics Webinar Series Available Now! See our Aquaculture Program (HNFAS) webinars titled "Aquaponics: Paradigm Shift with Airlift" on eXtension.

not yet- but i am trying to figure out the specs necessary to install one and run it off solar-  here is the build i am working on- i am assuming the airlift would work in the sump tank to pump water to the fish tank-


You could definitely run it from the sump to the fish tank.  Glenn will often times dig a hole or place a pipe at the bottom of the sump to make it's depth deeper to pump to a higher head height.  

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