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Adding Fish and Plants

Started by Danny. Last reply by Jim Fisk yesterday. 1 Reply

After 7 weeks of cycling my 175 gal tank I added fish (goldfish) and plants to my system. its been two weeks with fish and plantsGot a few questionsAmmonia has stayed fairly constant at .25 but noted…Continue

Keeping your Pond or Tank Cool This Summer

Started by Phil Slaton Jun 20. 0 Replies

Keeping your pond cool and oxygenated should be your primary focus during the hot summer months.  The warm weather has a dramatic affect on oxygen levels in your pond - the warmer the water, the…Continue

Pump failure.

Started by Johnny Kral. Last reply by Jim Fisk Jun 8. 9 Replies

First post and probably a question I'll answer myself, BUT.My pump failed two days ago, and I finally installed a replacement. I was manually filling my bed (40 gallon tank and 40 gallon media bed)…Continue

Using Black worms

Started by Linda Logan Jun 5. 0 Replies

I have a dirty sump system so cleaning fish waste is a monthly chore.  I pump out of the sump into a media bed.  No problems with this.  I got the black worms to eat the fish waste and be a food…Continue

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Comment by Jeff S yesterday

Rob, Orchard netting doesn't seem to be filterish. How dense do you put it in the barrels to create a filter effect?

Comment by Rob Nash yesterday

Romaine is ready!

Comment by Jim Fisk yesterday

Hey Rob, perfect. I will plan for a final plate filter or polisher right before the DWC. Thank you as always!

Comment by Rob Nash yesterday
Comment by Rob Nash yesterday

yes sir, gravity feed back to the FT 

I installed a "polisher" (orchard netting in a 30 gallon tub) between my grow beds and raft.. works great, but needs to be cleaned now that its been in place for 2.5 years.. i would plan to clean it more often.  i have about 3" of build up at the incoming end of my rafts, but perfectly clean roots.

here are some drawings of some options using a polisher and one pump.
forget the siphons, use a perforated standpipe and a timer.

Comment by Jim Fisk yesterday

Perhaps Rob Nash can give you the best review. Sounds to me like you are doing it right. I am only a month into my DWC so I may run into the same problem. I eagerly await Rob's take on it. I am already seeing some build up on the bottom of my DWC bed and that could indicate I will need a final filter/scrubber as well, perhaps right before the bed. I don't think a radial will do it for me as I am already filtering the solids, both sinkers and floaters now. The water to my DWC looks pristine so it must be fine suspended solids and a radial will not help with those. A plate filter, which is essentially a small bio-filter, is perhaps in order. Murray Hallam may also be a best bet on that design. As I recall he has numerous YT vids on just that. His lettuce roots are nice and white.

Comment by Jeff S yesterday

G Mo, I am building the radial filters. Pretty simple to do. I just drilled my first hole in the barrel yesterday. You Tube is a wonderful/dangerous thing. I'm setting up the systems in my back yard to verify measurements and functionality before I build the GH to put them in. Just realized I need to change my sump setup.

If your FT is in the ground then you would need to pump from the FT to the filter and gravity feed everything else from there.

Comment by G Mo yesterday

Fish pond to grow beds to sump to dwc to sump to fish pond.

Comment by Jim Fisk yesterday

G Mo, we can help more if you give a better description of your system flow. Do you have a clear water sump after the media beds? If so, that is the water to send to the DWC bed. If you are draining from the media beds back to the FT and then sending raw fish waste water to the DWC it will not work regardless of how many media beds you have. We are trying to help but we are still only guessing as to what you have. It is not what you have but also how you are using it that makes all the difference. I see no mention of a "clear water" sump after the GBs and that is vital or you will need a large solids filter followed by a bio-filter. All that can be replaced by a collection sump located after the media beds.

Comment by G Mo yesterday

Did you buy a radial filter or make it?


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