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Thank you all for joining my group, I hope to do a lot with all anyone interested. Please
tell me any event suggestions you would like us to do.

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Raising shrimp

Started by David Schwinghamer. Last reply by Dr. George B. Brooks, Jr. Jun 26. 6 Replies

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Comment by Azwildbill 2 hours ago

Hi has anyone ever been to the shrimp farm at Gila Bend?  I think it's parcel number 402-03-011w  on the web site. It's owned by az-wood holdings. It is listed as agriculture/vacant land and it has been that way since 2011 according to the website. Google maps has an old photo  

47510 Old US Highway 80
Gila Bend, AZ 85337
33.014749, -112.670792
Could someone verify that this was the location north of town.  
I will do some updates of my garden.  Our tomatoes, strawberries, chard and peppers are still alive. Our basil is doing great, the cabbage is still alive however it is covered in bugs and has been eaten by bugs.  Asparagus is still alive and the rhubarb is still alive.  The summer heat here has been very intense and we have lost several plants.  The Moringa tree is now 5 ft tall and full of blossoms.  It is planted in dirt.  Our raised beds are struggling.  We lost all our cucumbers but our watermelon is still growing.  All our squash was eaten by squash bugs and we lost them all with in a weeks time. We've hit temperatures as high as 116 degrees in our back yard and it has been very intense.
Comment by Arlene Boyle 6 hours ago

@Timothy: I'll try giving you a shout on Wednesday, since I am busy running errands and taking take of crap I couldn't get done while working.

@Matt: video kind of dark, but hopefully, you have something left after the storm. The north area got hammered badly. I'm in the heart of town, and we have not only managed to escape any bad storms, alas, we have also escaped any rain too.

@all:  everything is dying in my system but the fish (thankfully). I keep ending up with floaters of wormy-looking caterpillars of some sort. they are hairless, and pink on the top, and otherwise fleshy looking. Where are they coming from? I have my tank under the back awning, and sun shade on the east side, plant growth elsewhere.Looking at it from the north. Nothing seems to be growing, including my basil. And the darned mite, or whatever, keeps eating leaves. I looked at the California site recommended, but there doesn't seem to be anything organic that I can use? Who else is having this problem that has solved it? Or do I just need to wait another month before replanting cukes, peppers, cantaloupe, tomatoes, and zucchini, which is what I want to grow in the AP, along with a few herbs. It started out awesome, then just fell apart.

Comment by Kim Romen yesterday

John, what were u able to grow last summer?  the only thing that's making it in my garden, really, r okra, sunflowers, and marigolds which while using them for pest contril ironically had white eggs on them.

Matt, did your greenhouse stand afterall?

Comment by Matt Miskinnis on Sunday

hope everyone is dong okay, just had a monsoon come through, took a quick video capturing my garden getting blown away.

Comment by Timothy Borg on Saturday

@Arlene, congratulations on retirement!!  I would be happy to give you some worms though I checked them this morning and they did not seem too happy.  I think it is the heat.  Give me a call and we can set something up, 602-513-2798.  I am just down the road from you.

Comment by John Malone on Saturday

Return to AP

After managing to kill all my large tilapia and all the new fingerlings, I decided to let the system sit for a while.  Couldn't be bothered.  Nothing likes growing in this heat and I didn't know what to do to save the fish.

A good month or so has gone by and today I got back to the AP system.   I pulled out all the tomato plants, which had finished fruiting and weren't setting any new fruit in this heat.   The beans never set fruit either.   The only thing that is doing half decent are the peppers, basil and mint.   Heat loving plants.  Who knew!

I built a air bubbler rack out of 1/2" PVC so that I could disperse air throughout the whole of the fish tank.  Bought a 'commercial' air pump (Elemental O2 Commercial Air Pump, 951 GPH) and hooked it all up.   I am pretty sure that I've got enough air in the tank now.  The fish can take up surfing if they want.

Since AP really falls apart quickly, as I discovered, if there are no fish in the tank I got 20 goldfish from the pet store as sacrificial test subjects.   8 died over a couple of days, but the rest seem to be holding up OK.   I bought another 30 today to see how we go.   Cheap goldfish are notoriously weak and die easily (as is evidenced by the floaters in the pet shop tank, if you look closely!) so I'm working on the theory that if I can keep the goldfish alive I should be ready for tilapia.   

The current water temperature is about 86F which is getting high for goldfish, so there's another factor to consider.

I'll start thinking about planting for Fall soon and get this show back on the road.

Comment by Arlene Boyle on Saturday

@Timothy Borg - (and all) I have not been on the web discussion for some time. Just been busy working and all, but I retired yesterday (yay!) and now expect to have a bit more time for all this. Tim, I can show you my system, it is not elaborate, certainly not like the rest of our folks on this site. I'll take the worms if you have some to spare. I bought some at Wal_-world, and they are still in the frig.  I have hardly anything growing in the growbed. they have all dried up. I had tons of flowers on the zuchinni and the cucumbers, and the cantelopes, but they all got those squiggly lines on the leaves (bugs?) and then the heat came and they have all drooped or drying out. I'm pretty bummed, too. I have two aquariums in the house, and have a few bean plants beginning to grow; maybe I'll get something for my efforts. Iced down some water before adding to the tank outside. seems to have helped, and no dead fish so far....

Comment by Matt Miskinnis on July 23, 2014 at 9:41am

It's supposed to be 113 today, be sure to cover the fish tanks!

Comment by Kim Romen on July 23, 2014 at 12:11am

Justin, sells it

Comment by Jeff S on July 22, 2014 at 7:29pm

Justin, find a pond and you should find duckweed. But let me warn you it doesn't grow like you have read about so don't be disappointed when it under performs.


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