What root crops grow well in you aquaponics system? 


Potatoes and sweet potatoes are often touted to not do well in aquaponics systems. If you were to able to grow then in a light medium with a flood and drain on slower flood and drain system> By slower I mean longer intervals between system floodings.


Any thoughts?


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There is a great thread on this. Search growing root crops thread.

Radishes, beets (my prediction is based on Swiss Chard), carrots, or anything like a carrot or a beet,  taro root, celeriac, ect.

Personally I do not use AP to grow root crops although it is possible. Yes, I believe a longer interval would increase your chances of success. I use perlite in above ground bag culture with catchment/ recycle tray and hand water, fish water as nutrient.

I grow my sweet potatoes and potatoes in straw filled baskets or long straw beds. I water them with half aquaponics water and half irrigation water.


David Waite said:

There is a great thread on this. Search growing root crops thread.

Root crops do grow in aquaponics.  However many people find it easier to just grow them in a wicking bed situation with light weight compost so they are easier to harvest.  Sweet potatoes grow great in aquaponics.  The vines do especially well and if the media is light enough I expect the roots would grow even better.

My best growing food were my papaya trees. I planted 2 in my grow bed, last summer. since eating a papaya and taking the seeds for crop production, I have learned it should not work. Anyway, one of my papaya trees is fruiting. This is less than 6 mos from seed to fruiting. I transplanted both trees into a container with soil.  both are at about 6' feet tall. So, this season I have tree papaya in my grow beds. they are tall and do not take-up much of the sun, when the sun is low in the sky. If you are interested in more info contact me.


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