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  • Wicking bed growers

    203 members Latest Activity: Jun 22

    This group is dedicated to those who are interested and growing in wicking beds. Wicking beds in conjunction with aquaponics can enable us to grow…


    211 members Latest Activity: Jun 25 doing it with your own power

  • Canadian Aquaponics

    112 members Latest Activity: Jul 22

  • Aquaponics Club Support Group

    1 member Latest Activity: Sep 28, 2014 Group Mission: aquaponics club know how & support.

    If you have an aquaponics club, form part of a club, want to start a club or become…

  • IBC Aquaponics

    189 members Latest Activity: 4 hours ago

    A place for IBC tote systems to share what they have learned and system designs.

  • Arizona Aquaponics

    203 members Latest Activity: Jul 6

    Helping each other to learn and grow big nutritious plants and fish to help feed the world.

  • Bluegill or Bream Growers

    166 members Latest Activity: May 31 The often overlooked fish option that can handle the high temperatures like tilapia but also the cool temperatures like catfish but still be small…

  • San Diego Aquapons

    15 members Latest Activity: Mar 5

    A place for San Diegans to talk and meet.

  • Fish-less Systems

    66 members Latest Activity: May 26

    This is a group for people who have any kinds of fish-less systems, but yet are not doing classical hydroponics. Where we can share what we have…

  • Free Fingerlings for Aquapons

    168 members Latest Activity: Jul 21

    A group for those of you willing to donate fingerlings (tilapia, koi, catfish, etc) to other Backyard Aquapons and the those needing them.…

  • Aquaponics For Beginners

    657 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday

    This is a place where Beginners can post questions and find answers.

    Advanced Users are welcome to help the Beginners out.


  • Texas

    128 members Latest Activity: Jun 23 For those planning, running, or interested in aquaponics systems located somewhere in Texas, USA.
    Discussion of rainwater harvesting…

  • Crappie Growers

    2 members Latest Activity: Jun 17

    For aquapons who have grown or wish to grow Crappie in their systems.

  • Share Your DIY gadgets and systems

    9 members Latest Activity: on Thursday

    A place to show off and share Your DIY (do it Yourself) gadgets and systems etc. people need to know tricks that work, recycle, and save money, as…

  • Pinellas County FL Aquaponics

    4 members Latest Activity: May 29, 2014

    just wondering if anyone from the Tampa Bay area is running an aquaponics system, If so What town are you in. I reside in Pinellas Park and I am…

  • Flow through Aquaponics

    5 members Latest Activity: Jan 13

    For those who use water one time.

  • Michigan Aquaponic’s Association

    29 members Latest Activity: Apr 27, 2014

    MAA is the premier Great Lakes location for all Information & Knowledge Base for all that is Aquaponic's. 

  • Yellow Perch

    44 members Latest Activity: Apr 16

    A group for sharing information and experiences with yellow perch growing and breeding.

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