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Dr. George B. Brooks, Jr. commented on David Schwinghamer's group Arizona Aquaponics
"Just some cool pics from AGS-166 aquaponics at Mesa Community College (Mesa Az).  P.S. We have been asked if we give tours? The answer is yes. Just inbox me. First harvest ready (Oct 28th, 2015). Bibb lettuce from DWC. Closeup of Bibb…"
Oct 31
Jim Fisk commented on David Schwinghamer's group Arizona Aquaponics
"Jeff, yes. All the GH electric passes thru it. We have had such a small impact on our electric bill with the AP GH I have not ever kept track. Between 10 and 20$ at most. I got it off eBay years ago all set up with a 4 gang box. I think I paid…"
Oct 16
Jeff S commented on David Schwinghamer's group Arizona Aquaponics
"Jim, is that an electric meter in the left of your pic?"
Oct 16
Jim Fisk commented on David Schwinghamer's group Arizona Aquaponics
"Algae is a part of start up. Seems to happen to pretty near everyone. Sunlight is #1 culprit of course along with too many nutrients for the amount of plant growth. Having no patience I wanted the pea soup gone asap so I built a 30g (2500g system)…"
Oct 16
Robert Rowe commented on David Schwinghamer's group Arizona Aquaponics
"@ Lisa Outland - I have solved my algae problems by simply taking direct sunlight away from my Fish Tanks. I have covers over my tanks about 6 ft from the ground and have shade screen around the perimeter which allows me to enter the enclosure for…"
Oct 12
Dr. George B. Brooks, Jr. commented on David Schwinghamer's group Arizona Aquaponics
"Greetings. It has been my experience that soon after you get your pH down under 7 and you get a critical mass of plants growing to compete for the nutrients (that mass is different for every system) the algae go away. "
Oct 12
Jeff S commented on David Schwinghamer's group Arizona Aquaponics
"Block all areas that are getting green from sunlight as much as possible.In your grow bed make sure the water level is below the surface of your media. The top media should never get wet. Place the inlet to your grow bed below the media surface to…"
Oct 11
Scott Bloom commented on David Schwinghamer's group Arizona Aquaponics
"I have started 2 systems and both of them got so green that I could not see more than 2 inchs below the surface.  I am no expert at this but after letting it run for another month or so mine cleared right up.  I think the systems are out…"
Oct 11
lisa outland commented on David Schwinghamer's group Arizona Aquaponics
"I am not computer literate, so if my question is in the wrong place, please help to go to the right place.  I am having an algae probable. Our system is only been running maybe a month. It is getting soupy where the water comes into the grow…"
Oct 11
James Wilson commented on David Schwinghamer's group Arizona Aquaponics
"Hi Larry. Doing a buried sump or tank and using the earth to regulate temps is not really viable for a ibc system. Any effect the earth has in changing the temp of your water is mitigated by the rest of the tank that is exposed above the frost line…"
Oct 1
Jeff S commented on David Schwinghamer's group Arizona Aquaponics
"Larry, I 'm not sure isolating the sump at night would make a difference overall. If the FT stays at 80 and the sump drops to 60 whenever you turn the pump back on in the morning you still have to re-heat the sump water. My sump is halfway…"
Oct 1
Larry commented on David Schwinghamer's group Arizona Aquaponics
"Comment by James Wilson 10 hours ago "Side note- buried sumps/tanks make it hard to regulate the temp and the ground is a large heat sink." My system is 4 years old  now I was thinking of dropping my FT and sump into the ground? got a…"
Oct 1
James Wilson commented on David Schwinghamer's group Arizona Aquaponics
"If you are using tilapia then the position of your tank really does not matter all that much. Tilapia love the warm water. The biggest problem is heating it and the tank sitting in the sun in the winter will not heat it but 2 to 3 degrees above the…"
Sep 30
Jeff S commented on David Schwinghamer's group Arizona Aquaponics
"John, I used a 1000 watt bucket heater last year. Ran 24/7 and barely got the water to 70. Light bill was fun. I had 1" foam around the tank but this year I'm going to beef it up and try some other heating method with the bucket heater as…"
Sep 30
John Carlton commented on David Schwinghamer's group Arizona Aquaponics
"I have 2 GB's on the east and 2 on the west side of my FT my 75 gal sump tank is 75% under one GB (GB's are sitting on blocks for easier access). I also have a float valve in the sump tank. For this winter, probably starting shortly,…"
Sep 30
Christian Richards commented on David Schwinghamer's group Arizona Aquaponics
"I live in SV and currently have mine arranged E/W across my South Wall. It works well for getting plenty of sun all day long and when i, eventually, cover it with a hoop house, it'll collect the most sun at mid-day. My biggest fear is here in…"
Sep 30

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Im a designer by trade, in architecture and landscaping. I started traditional gardening about one year ago and am always looking to improve upon my harvests. Im currently building my first aquaponics system, you can read about it at www.creativewatertrends.com/aquaponics.php and would love any feedback I can get.

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At 5:43pm on June 30, 2013, Chad Olberding said…
You sent me a message a few weeks ago and said you make it to the I-17 and thunderbird area sometimes. Was hoping maybe we could touch base and try and set up a time for you to check out my system give me a tip or three. Please call or text me at 602-909-6858. I'm sorry I lost the message that had your phone number.
At 8:09am on June 7, 2013, Russell Weight said…


Yes I still have blocks.  How many are you looking for? I just went to check to see how many I actually had left.  Turns out I only have 28.

They are 8"x16", and have been stored inside since I bought them a few months ago.

Give me a call or text if you are interested.


At 7:14pm on April 25, 2013, Charles Scholl said…

David, Thanks again for your offer to come by while in Columbia. I regret that I won't be available. Please congratulate your son and thank him for his sacrifice and commitment to our country. Steve


At 8:28pm on April 22, 2013, Wendell Ford said…
David give me a shout when you get to Colombia. It's not that far to Goose Creek from there.
At 5:43am on November 8, 2012,

Well if you are getting a heavy accumulation of fish poop in your raft beds, then you probably need better filtration before your raft beds or less fish.

I'm not sure if there are any detritivores that would eat huge enough ammounts of fish poop from a raft bed.

However, gammarus might be able to help you some http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gammarus

At 7:35am on November 6, 2012, Kirsten Udd said…
Thanks, David! I would like to visit with a few friends on Monday, Nov 12th. Will get a head count if this date works for you.
At 2:47pm on September 16, 2012, Dawn Jamison said…

Hey David, I just have two aquariums ornamental fish: Angels, Zebras, Cats and fin tails (algae eaters).  One tank is 10 gal and the other is 30.  I've had organic gardens my entire life until this year.  I recently had to sell my house and move to an apartment.  No outside room to experiment.  Not many jobs for administrative assistance these days.  I'm still diligently looking for temporary so I can stash away $$ for the move.  I too want to get totally involved in setting up aquaponics at schools and helping to educate students about it.  Show Low will be within 30-60 minute drive of where we probably will be so I think it would be cool to work help each other launch.  If everything happens how I want, May will be when we can start building and installing everything.  Keep me posted and I'll do the same.

At 7:29am on September 16, 2012, Dawn Jamison said…

David,  I will need a lot of assistance.  I will be attending two SCORE workshops, one related to all aspects of putting together a business plan and the other for managing your cash flow.  I will get Will's book today. Glad to hear first hand that it was helpful.  I'm going to try to plan a drive out to Arizona hopefully before winter, say late October and I would love to include a tour of your aquaponics set up and of anyone else's if possible.  I would eventually like to do this on a large scale so I will contact Dr. Brooks. Thanks again.

At 7:48pm on August 30, 2012, Nathanael said…

Hey David, Thanks for the add. Glad to connect with someone local to AZ. You mentioned you have a connection with someone for all size Tilapia. What breed and do you know what their asking price is?

What are your thoughts regarding the different species of Tilapia?

Thanks again

At 11:43pm on August 28, 2012, Waylon said…

hi david sorry i missed you my life has been all over the place and no Internet

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Living Water Organics Aquaponic Journal

Posted on March 16, 2013 at 4:28pm 0 Comments

March 16 visit 10 am

Wenhang Lin came over to see myself and my aquaponic system. He is a photographer wanting to capture the people behind growing their own food. Him and his wife are into permaculture. He wants to write an ebook and eventually get his pics published.


Outdoor aquaponic garden shade structure completion

Posted on March 15, 2013 at 4:30pm 16 Comments

March 15th was the completion of my new outdoor aquaponic garden consisting of a 10' long dual metal rain gutter system that flows into an existing filter box then onto a nft tube then back into the fish tank. I covered it with 40% shade cloth I got at Amazon for a steal.…


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