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Small System Client Build

Started this discussion. Last reply by Yaacov Levi yesterday. 7 Replies

This is a system that we (Atria Aqua Gardens) recently built for a client in California.The system consists of 4- 50 gallon media beds…Continue

Tags: atriaaquagardens, vlad

Bad Batch of Plant !t Media (LECA)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jeff S Nov 22, 2014. 16 Replies

Ok, so after using about 70, 45 liter bags of LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate) made by a few different companies, I've finally ran into bad batch.Since early spring of this year, we've used…Continue

Tags: Plant!t, pH, hydroton, LECA

Choosing an appropriate variety among cultivars

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jeffrey Ihara May 22, 2013. 13 Replies

I'm a big fan of brassicas. Especially the Japanese and Chinese types. Most all common economically significant (meaning grown as food crops) brassicas are pretty much known for being pretty reliable…Continue

Plant Growth and System Cycling

Started this discussion. Last reply by Vlad Jovanovic Feb 24, 2013. 8 Replies

These pictures are from a system that I am cycling. The water's pH is 8.2-8.5. The seedlings are less than two weeks old and have received nothing but system water. It's been cold and foggy here for…Continue

Tags: plants, cycling, seedlings, pH


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DRZ Cucumber, Pepper, Lemon Balm, Dill

"Thanks too. Hoping to have some with the cucumbers. Last time we tried to grow cukes in the store they got PM (powdery mildew) since it's so humid in here...I've been using that potassium silicate that you picked up from us to…"

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Yaacov Levi replied to Vlad Jovanovic's discussion Small System Client Build
" Very nicely done !  The results prove out the system.  Jake"

Vlad Jovanovic replied to Gene Parbst's discussion after aged humonia reaches 9+ ph does it continue to produce ammonia? in the group Fish-less Systems
"I'm going to make a little prediction and say that adding twice the amount of urease enzyme will not result in more total ammonia conversion. It''l be interesting to see if adding twice the amount speeds up the time frame…"

Vlad Jovanovic replied to David Jones's discussion Sump Tank Size
"Hi Robbie already alluded to, 10 lbs of small fish will produce more ammonia (waste) than 10 lbs of large mature small fish will "feed your grow beds and bacteria" just as well as large fish will...pound per pound,…"

Vlad Jovanovic replied to David Jones's discussion Sump Tank Size
"Hey there Robbie, Since I actually am a bit dyslexic...that would probably be me :) Displacement would leave room for about 38% water...and not the other way around.  So a 160 gallon sump (using an indexing valve) would be plenty... If you…"

Vlad Jovanovic replied to Bill Edmonds's discussion My "Micro" system
"You really don't want to use NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) to raise pH. If hydroxides are to be your choice base...then Potassium Hydroxide (also called "lye", so it gets confusing) would be the way to go... on your water paarmeters... Is…"

Vlad Jovanovic replied to David Jones's discussion Sump Tank Size
"Good luck keeping those 6 beds filling and draining in concert (your desired staggered times) long term...and consistently. IMO you are better off using an indexing valve and a repeat cycle timer. That way you wont need a 450 to 500 gallon sump…"

Vlad Jovanovic replied to Brian's discussion Vertical Lighting for Indoor ZipGrow SetUp in the group Cold Weather Aquaponics
"That's sure a snazzy looking set up Nate. And 20 years sure beats the hell out of having to change out fluorescent tubes every 6-7 months. Hope the price on that technology eventually comes down a bit. Yeah, try the ODNO thing, T-8's seem…"

Vlad Jovanovic replied to Gene Parbst's discussion after aged humonia reaches 9+ ph does it continue to produce ammonia? in the group Fish-less Systems
"Yeah, give it some time and keep testing. At pH 9+ there is certainly some amount of NH3/4 in there...time will tell you weather all of it has converted to ammonia or not. Also,keep in mind, the strength (amount of potential ammonia) of your urine…"

Vlad Jovanovic commented on Vlad Jovanovic's group Fish-less Systems
"Thanks that link Bob...Nice to see you around again..."
Bob Campbell commented on Vlad Jovanovic's group Fish-less Systems
"Vlad you bring up a valid point about too much nitrogen.  This study indicates that a plant grown in a "traditional method" usually will have access to synthetic nitrogen in high levels and will use the extra resources into creating…"
Jan 24

Vlad Jovanovic replied to Brian's discussion Vertical Lighting for Indoor ZipGrow SetUp in the group Cold Weather Aquaponics
"Hey Brian, if those T-8's are powered by a magnetic ballast (not a digital one) you can "over-drive" them to get a lot more light out of them. The modification is called ODNO (OverDriveNormalOutput). It's simply involves running…"
Jan 24

Vlad Jovanovic replied to Gene Parbst's discussion can urease enzyme be added to urine to speed up the hydrolysis of urea in urine? in the group Fish-less Systems
"You don't have to go through any of that trouble...simply add some aged humonia (10-20%) to the fresh urine. That's all you need to do. Within a few days time, the fresh stuff will have hydrolysed. You can also raise the pH of the fresh…"
Jan 24

Vlad Jovanovic commented on Vlad Jovanovic's group Fish-less Systems
"Hey Brian, nice to see you here...A few years back I compiled this list of "home-made well as the NPK (and other macro-element) content of some common substances...You might find it useful (or…"
Jan 23
Brian commented on Vlad Jovanovic's group Fish-less Systems
"Last winter I did some experimentation with organic hydroponics. Finding this group got my interest going again. I purchased organic nutrients from the hydroponic store. It worked very well with deep water culture with bubblers in each reservoir,…"
Jan 23

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2131 sq.foot AP Greenhouse completed fall of 2011. Have 8 IBC media beds for growing as well as pre-filtering the DWC troughs. 4,850 litre fish tank, 2000+ litre sump buried in the ground. 546 sq. feet of DWC rafts. Using Carp as it is very tolerable to conditions here, and is also the single most bought/sold/eaten fish in these parts.

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How To Get What You Want

Posted on November 25, 2012 at 6:47am 9 Comments

What do you want most in all the world? More money, a new car stereo, a vacation? To lose ten pounds, to get home from work in time to see your favorite sitcom? Or is it something more than that, something harder to define?

Maybe you've given up on ever realizing your true dreams, and you settle for smaller things because they, at least, seem possible. Maybe it never occured to you to ask yourself if the goals you've been pursuing really are what you want…


Food for Thought

Posted on September 22, 2012 at 5:18am 4 Comments

Here's an exercise to try at home. You will need a working stopwatch, or another timepiece that measures seconds. Before you begin, seat yourself in a comfortable chair and loosen your clothing.

Watch the second hand as it passes around the face of the clock. Picture the moment of your death, perhaps many decades in the future, or perhaps only a few years or months (who can know?). Wait for the second hand to reach the starting point at the top of the…


Time Well Spent

Posted on August 1, 2012 at 3:00am 4 Comments

Well it seems like I’ve been having the same/similar conversation here in the village with a lot of folks lately that goes something like this…


“Gee Vlad how did you know dot…dot…dot…”


“Well, I read it in a good book/study on the topic” (and if applicable, tried it out to see for myself).


“Ooh, I don’t have time to read”!


“Do you watch T.V”


“Yeah, who doesn’t”?


            “Well, if you…


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At 8:42pm on November 28, 2014, Ivy said…

Hi Vlad, thank you for text me. Let me know which microbiological fertilizers  you are registering now 

At 8:50am on November 21, 2014, uri sitnik said…

hi Vlad

i have read all your posts',and it is as reading my own Thoughts.

six mounth ago i left my job trying to do things that i like (carpentry, pottry, etc)

creating for my soul,

and AP system to fead me.feelig that small comertial AP can provide some small income to make me go around .

and today i have come across your post ,and your picters and i can see you are doing AP comertial (corect me if iam mistaken)  i would like to ask you for some of your Know how if you are willing to shere

thank you  uri

At 3:54am on January 12, 2014, Carey Ma said…

Hi Vlad, long time no talk. How and what are you doing these days? How is your operation going? I have had a pretty busy and exciting year building a new farm. One thing I'd like to share is my use of charcoal as media in my fishless system and in raised beds. What do you think about this, off the top of your head? I'm interested in your opinion.

Hope everything is well and you enjoyed a warm holiday season surrounded by friends and family.


At 1:32pm on November 6, 2013,
Alex Veidel
Whoa, is that activity??? Welcome back Vlad!! Thanks, I hope to have a good time :)
At 1:19pm on September 23, 2013,
Alex Veidel

You know, there's an entire side of your face that I never knew existed....until this weekend O_o

At 5:09am on March 26, 2013, Ivan Djurickovic said…


bolje vas nasao!

Ja sam totalni pocetnik u akvaponici, trenutno gradim svoj prvi sistem i ucim ucim ucim o svemu ovome :D


At 9:23am on February 24, 2013, Bob Campbell said…

This is a section of an essay I'm writing about soil.  The very last sentence describes how the pH is kept in check during the nitrification process. 

I'd like to
   1.  more accurately describe both the nitrification chemistry math of NH4+ conversion to NO2- and NO3-
as well as the
    2. denitrification math involving the hydrogen and oxygen from the NO2 and NO3- in which the N2 is returned to the atmosphere through denitrifying bacteria.

    3. It also seems that the plant exchange of H+ for nitrogen would help the soil retain a higher pH.  Can you help me verify that, and the correct symbol for the form of nitrogen being exchaged?

Maybe a new discussion would be best, but I wanted to specifically ask for your help so I posted my question here.

Bacteria come in two basic types.  Anaerobic which lives without oxygen and produces offensive odors, and aerobic which lives with oxygen and produces pleasant fresh odors.  Bacteria are responsible for recycling carbon, sulfur, and nitrogen.  CO2 is a by product of aerobic bacteria, and sulfur is recycled by anaerobic bacteria.  Nitrogen found in the atmosphere can not be used directly by plants. It must be 'fixed' through a process called nitrification where aerobic bacteria combine nitrogen with either oxygen or hydrogen
to form  nitrite (NO2-), and eventually nitrate (NO3-) ions from the ammonium (NH4+) waste of protozoa and nematodes which consume other bacteria and fungi.  Nitrification produces an acidic pH when oxidation occurs. This process is called reduction because there is a loss of electrons, and it releases energy that is used by the bacteria.   Nitrifying bacteria do not generally like low pH, but fortunately other bacteria called denitrifying bacteria convert nitrogen salts created by the nitrification process back into nitrogen N2 which returns to the atmosphere.
The plants exchange hydrogen (H+) for nitrogen (N?) which also helps to return the pH to a higher level.

At 3:00pm on January 30, 2013, Ilija Aralica said…

Hvala Vlado !

At 9:14am on January 26, 2013, Izzy said…

Hey buddy, thanks for the add!  Talk to you soon.  :-)

At 8:53am on December 7, 2012,
Alex Veidel

My tilapia are coming in a half hour. 10:30am Central Time. Yeah, I wasn't sure if the website actually hosted the videos like it does the pictures, or if it just linked to them, so I tried to upload straight from my computer. Anyway, it won't let me delete the video, at least, not that I can tell. Kinda embarrassing :) I'll load it up to youtube, its just the video version of my pictures.


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