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References for Aquaponics Beginners


For almost two years I have been researching aquaponics for my soon to retire daughter. The first version of References for Aquaponics for Beginners contained nine pages in August 2013. The November 30, 2014 edition contained over 150 pages.

During the two years, I saw many videos and read many blogs, many helpful, many misleading, and many "facts from experts" that were totally false. Also, there were many people selling  "advice" and…


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This last freezzzee in the north just killed my tomatoes that were still having blossoms’.  So I cut them out and getting ready to clean the tanks for the next batch. The fish have gotten big and I want to keep them for breed stock.  I will try to upload some pics soon.  Hang in there were all in this together!!

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High Amonia; Higher Hopes

A few weeks have gone by since my last post. I checked my ammonia and nitrate levels a week ago, and the results were dismal. I had 0ppm nitrate, and 6ppm ammonia. I resolved that my second fish was going to die, because dependent on the pH of my water (which I neglected to check) as low as .1 ppm can be lethal. I suppose I must have around 6ph water, because fish survived the hard week of high ammonia, and is now super healthy! This week, my levels were up to 30ppm nitrate, and 0ppm…


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easy rock washing for a change

i found a easier way to wash rocks now that i have this new gorilla cart. its angled back and ability to dump makes it easy to "slurry" nasty rocks into clean ones , i have a stiff wand on hose and i just rake them out and then slowly rock them back and forth and dump the trash off and they are clean. works great! plus i have help from aquaponics tolling pitbull terrier number 25 lol. rock washing will always be work but this is easiest i ever had

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I soon began a series of modifications to new Aquaponic garden. Shortly after constructing the initial build, I moved, and had a much bigger window. So, I offset the fish tank, and built four more columns for the WindowFarm following the DIY instructions found on the WindowFarm website. After numerous trial and error attempts, I got the system working with only the occasional leak.

Eventually, it became clear that the sun penetrating my window would not be sufficient to grow plants to…


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My Start as a NooB and new member to this wonderful group

I started this about 6 months ago, because I stumbled across DIY aquaponics You Tubes, while looking for a way to stop having to buy filter media for my 2 fish tanks and Koi pond in my Living room. This started an obsession that has led me down a path of learning and applying all sorts of methods and ideas to use on my 1st aquaponics system. I use a host of recycled materials including a shampoo bottle, empty fishfood bottles, rolled up monster can( used as a pipe for a bell syphon) the box…


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Am I an Aquapon? The Prepper

The post first published on Frosty Fish.



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My First Aquaponic Garden Arrives!

Fast-forward 2 years. I’m turning 18 and my mom asks me what I’d like for my birthday. Well, I can’t really think of anything else, so I ask her for a Windowfarm. What is a WindowFarm? Windowfarms are vertical hydroponic gardens which are designed to produce food in a small space, namely a New York apartment window. As described on the WindowFarm website;

 “WindowFarms is a Brooklyn-based social enterprise that helps city dwellers around the world grow some of their own fresh food. …


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New Post, New Garden, New Blog

Hey, I’m Devin Solkov. Four years ago I had coffee. Not for the first time, not even for the twelfth time. But this coffee opened my eyes to a different world. No, it wasn’t the first time I tried pour over, or even Blue Bottle. In fact, the reason I even mention coffee is to contextualize a conversation which would define the next chapter of my life. I remember the day well. It was mid-July, the time was 4:35 pm, across from me sat the intelligent and…


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References for Aquaponics Beginners

Almost two years ago, my soon-to-retire daughter asked me to research aquaponics.

In August 2013, I delivered "References for Aquaponics for Beginners," a nine page document. I send FREE monthly up-dates to anyone and the September 2014 up-date was over 140 pages.

A couple college professors described "References..." as a "treasure."

For educators, this could be a useful source of a quick find for the latest information.…


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Do my Bacteria Get Cold?

This post first appeared on Cold Weather Aquaponics. Keeping up our…


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Am I an Aquapon? The Permaculture Garden

Post first appeared on Cold Weather Aquaponics

This post begins a new series called "Am I an Aquapon?"*

The idea for this series has been percolating to the surface over the past…


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Reddit AMA on Cold Weather Aquaponics Wed. Aug. 27 2pm EST

In case you're not familiar, Reddit has a long tradition of hosting something called AMAs or Ask Me Anything.  There have been thousands of them over the years, and people from all walks of life have participated, including…


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Your Pipes Need Some Bling

This post first appeared on Cold Weather Aquaponics…


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How We Build Our Solids Lifting Outlet (SLO) At Smoky Mountain Aquaponics

There are many ways to skin a cat or in this case get the poop out of your fish tank (FT). Here is how we make ours for our full size IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) FTs. We wanted a true family…


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How my Fish Tanks Failed

Originally posted on Cold Weather Aquaponics

The response and feedback from my recent talks make it apparent to me that - more than anything else - everyone loves a story.

The most popular kind of story, it seems, is…


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July-August Awesome Cold Weather Aquapon

This post first appeared on Cold Weather Aquaponics

The Awesome Cold Weather Aquapon (ACWA) from July-August is Adam Cohen from …


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Mark 2 Basement System

Jalapeno Gigante peppers under T5 lights

Basil planted July 30 in this bed; tiny seeds broadcast directly into media.…


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Robert Rowe - AP Journal

This is an an attempt at learning my way around this environment and to explain Where I stand going into aquaponics and how and where I want to go.


2013-12-28 Changes to Water Temperature Monitoring, Controlling &…


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