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I'll be visiting Tucson in December and wanted to know if there were some Aquaponic systems to see while we are there. We'll be visiting with my brother-in-law who teaches engineering at UW in Seattle and I wanted to show him some Aquaponic setups in the area. Maybe one with float beds, and some with grow beds.

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First Seeds Planted

4/29/2015 - I have planted my first seeds in the connstant flow bed today. Included are spinach, lettuce, calentro, savory, and a couple of other things. The beds are all plumbed and I am cycling the water. The fish tank is plumbed; however, I haven't gotten the swirl filter plumbed in yet. I am having trouble finding the right size bulkhead fittings for the holes in the top of the 30 gallon barrel.

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Forward thinking

Well, deeper pockets opened up and I am allowed to get a solar system to operate the water and air pumps, as well as the potential heater needed to keep the water pleasant in the winter time. It means more research, but who minds that?

I've decided to leave out the swirl filter unless the GB isn't sufficient for filtering solids. I will still build it, just to prove I can, but I doubt it will even be an issue with worms in the medium.

ST has been rethought, and I will be using…


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Robert Rowe - AP Journal year 4

2015-04-04 I am changing the form of this blog to show the present state of my garden which is mostly Aquaponic.


2013-12-28 Changes to Water Temperature Monitoring, Controlling & Recording…


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Time to Start Outdoor System March/April 2015

Its the end of March, the weather is starting to warm up (40F instead of 20F) and its time to get the greenhouse back up and running.

This year I am going to add DWC bins to the system to grow my green leafy vegetables. In order to do this I have to cover the sump tank with a floor and build a table on it where the DWC will sit. There are 3 bins with 8 cut outs each to support 3" net pots. I am starting everything from seed. I am using rock wool as the medium to grow the plants in.…


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Beginning of my build for 2105

I have started my build after a long winter of waiting. I have uploaded a few photos of my progress so far.  The first group is of the greenhouse setup and getting the sump tank set.  The second group of photos is the layout of Phase 1.

I will be completing this build in 4 Phases.

Phase 1 - will be pretty much the same build I had as last year except that I will be adding a swirl filter and replumbing the whole system in order to modularize it and make…


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New start up

My wife and I are taking the commercial plunge. After running a successful backyard hybrid system for a year, we purchased 4 acres and moved. We have 3 quotes for high tunnels 30x100'. There is 2 steel barns on the property located in growing zone 6a. We plan to use half of one of the barns for a fish house and build a double skinned high tunnel behind the barn east to west.

I was reading that if I expand the size to 130' it will only cost me an extra $1500 initially, but with the…


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Power Failure

In the event of a power failure, the main concern should be the fish are supplied with air and water circulation and of course feed. Is this correct? Please advise, Thanks to all for being here, Gil Jones 

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introducing myself

I joined because I am about to begin my first solo design/build. I have seen two systems in operation, and helped build the first as a landscape focal point. Though the effect is nice, and the fish are fun and capable of feeding a few floating beds it is not what I want to design this time.

My friend built a make-shift system in his shed that successfully feeds three flush and fill beds in succession, it is exponentially more productive. I was not around for it's design and…


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Commercial Bug

Thought I would update my status. I have the AP bug really bad. I have been consumed by AP since the first time I looked at a system online. I got excited and started immediately looking at a way to create an AP system in my yard. Well the more I read and the more I got excited the bigger the picture got. 

Now Im looking at purchasing 73 acres on the edge of Bankhead Nation Forest in the southern half of Lawrence County Alabama. It is completely surrounded by NF (National…


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February Update of Indoor System

So here it is, the end of February. I still have the same issues with my plants. The main reason why I built this indoor…


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Elusive tilapia

Hi i am looking for some tilapia fish. I live in central Saskatchewan, Canada and was wondering if anyone on here was from Saskatchewan as well and if so if you have any tilapia you would be willing to sell or traid for.

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Just wondering which gives the plants a better grow light?. I see a lot of ppl using cfl lights and watched some youtube videos where others have had great success with led grow lights. What are some of the pros and cons for each one that you have found?

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Just wondering which gives the plants a better grow light?. I see a lot of ppl using cfl lights and watched some youtube videos where others have had great success with led grow lights. What are some of the pros and cons for each one that you have found?

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Just Starting My Planning

I just ran across aquaponics yesterday and Im as excited as a kid in a candy store with a $100 gift card. I can seem to absorb all the information quick enough because my mind is spinning with ideas of how I can create an aquaponics system that will work best for my family and accommodations (I live in a small town). 

I am diabetic and desire to eat healthier than I have in the past. Fish and green leafy veggies are at the top of my list. Zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers,…


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Getting ready to set up my 2nd aquaponic system

I have purchased a 100 Gallon rubbermaid stock tank and 5 buckets with net pot lids. I am going to stock the pond with about 10-15 Blue tilapia and be growing tomato plants in my basement.  I am excited about this new system, and I will post further updates.

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January 2015 Indoor Aquaponics System

My growing season ended in October when we had a cold snap and my plants were wiped out. My tilapia were not at a harvestable size yet and the water temperature dropped to 58F. 

I built a indoor Aquaponics System based around a 100 Gallon Cattle Trough. I had very little space in my basement, so the entire…


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References for Aquaponics Beginners


For almost two years I have been researching aquaponics for my soon to retire daughter. The first version of References for Aquaponics for Beginners contained nine pages in August 2013. The November 30, 2014 edition contained over 150 pages.

During the two years, I saw many videos and read many blogs, many helpful, many misleading, and many "facts from experts" that were totally false. Also, there were many people selling  "advice" and…


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