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Welcome to Cold Weather Aquaponics

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Welcome to Cold Weather Aquaponics!

Cold Weather Aquaponics This website and blog is devoted to helping those who live in …


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My system

My system started with couple IBCs and a small fishpond liner last year.  I have added some barrels, zip (vertical) towers, and a deep water raft bed over the last few months.  I've moved things around once already and now I see to expand my garden in the future  I will need to move it again.  Goldfish are cheap and easy to find.  I have them in the sump and tank.

Last week I bought some other fish from Freshwater Fish Co; a fish farm in Elk Grove, CA.  They have a public fish sale…


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Trials and Tribulations of getting a Flood and Drain System Up and Running

Well, It took me a while to get the greenhouse built and the grow beds built. In the beginning of April, I finally finished the plumbing of my system.

It consists of a 300 Gallon fish tank, a 150 Gallon sump tank, a 3X6 and a 3X4 grow bed, a Bio Filter and a Radial Flow filter. I am using…


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Geothermal Greenhouse info

Seeking anyone with working knowledge of geothermal greenhouses, particularly aquaponic greenhouses. Adjacent 1 acre pond preferred over vertical or horizontal. 2X4 metal frame completed and window starting to close. Appreciate any leads. Thanks.

Added by Lonnie M. Edenfield, Jr. on April 12, 2014 at 9:46pm — No Comments

business proposal

Hi there friends

I am looking forward to find some guy who will help me built my aquaponic garden, also become my partner and together work with aquaponic gardening. I hav,e very big warehouse so I need someone who knows what he is doing, I can do it my self but I started workung with this three months ago so I think that I am not the right person for this job because I dont know all the obstacles and problems that may occure. I am able to find very big market for vegetables and for fishes… Continue

Added by Aleksandar Hadzi Dimceski on April 11, 2014 at 5:08pm — 3 Comments

Hig Ammoina

Cycling my fish less IBC system (175 gal) for 5 day now and added 1/8 cup of pure ammonia at the beginning of the cycle.  Got an 8.0 reading to start off with and have not added any ammonia, 5 day now and still unable to bring my ammonia backdown down from 8.0  Emptied 25% (40 gal) of the water and still got an 8.0 ammonia reading.   Should I emptied a higher percentage or dump the the tank completely?  Any thoughts 

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Rain water collection ...the good and the bad...Record rain in sunny Oregon for March. We're back to grow'n agin!

So spring is supposed to be here, but it's more like A monsoon season, we have had more rain in Oregon than I can ever remember, so maybe I jumped the gun on my rain barrel project, I put a few cinder blocks down added an old steel shelf, cut a hole in one of my downspouts off the back of my house, I only planned on using 1 55gal barrel for starters, but my math was off a bit. So if it rains lightly all day the barrel will be almost full in 1 day; which was cool. But if it rains over an inch in… Continue

Added by mark gordon on March 31, 2014 at 11:34pm — 1 Comment

References for Aquaponics Beginners

During 2013, I researched Aquaponics for my soon-to-retire daughter and delivered a nine page report. I continued to be interested, and the Reference.... exceeds 108 pages.

This free (open source), document and a couple PowerPoint presentations are available for anyone sending an email address that can receive large files.
Marvin A. Hodges

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Beginner Information

Just getting started and looking or information on Grow Bed size with 150 GA; Fish tank and how big does the Sump tank need to be.

Whaere can I get the expanded clay median in the St. Petersburg area? 

Also, the number of fish needed,  And anything else you think would be helpful!!  (-;

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New Greenhouse

Just spent the day digging out holes for the foundation of a new greenhouse! I'm so excited to continue the build process tomorrow, and to move my system "outside". The larger space will mean that I can expand the size of my bottlefarm, and possibly change/combine it with other variations. Pics on the way!

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Robert Rowe - AP Journal

This is an an attempt at learning my way around this environment and to explain Where I stand going into aquaponics and how and where I want to go.


2013-12-28 Changes to Water Temperature Monitoring, Controlling &…


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fresh fish

Got my father-in-law to get to work. I caught 4 of the catfish from my pool and sent them to him to clean and eat. of course, i did call him before -hand and ask if he wanted some fresh fish.

Added by Pat James on February 23, 2014 at 3:59pm — 1 Comment

My 1st Aquaponics aka The School of Hard Knocks

Here it is February in Northern Ontario. Cabin fever has set in and as I stare out my dining room window I see my 1st Aquaponics growbed covered under 2 feet of snow and ice, I get excited thinking about Aquaponics 2.0

I learned a lot in my first attempt at building an Aquaponics system. Like most people I started out with an IBC tote tank, 250 gallon/1000 litre, cut to where I thought it should be and commenced to assembling it. Understand I did this before finding The…


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Aquaponics Photo Diary

The free aquaponics diary on now has a new feature - a photo diary.

The photo diary allows you to upload photos of your system, so that you can see the changes over a period of time, and correlate these with what else happened at that time.

I am planning to use this to track plant growth.  Below you can see my new photo diary, including photos of some new seedlings I just added. I will take pictures of the same plants…


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What I have been doing as of late.

I have been in the midst of the red tape cutting and development of a micro distillery. 

When I started my exploration of greenhouse cultivation and aquaponics, I wanted to heat it all efficiently.  The wiseway pellet stove set many other tangents un heating and energy into motion.  The steam engine, hydronic…


Added by Rick Stillwagon on February 8, 2014 at 10:26am — 2 Comments

Duckweed start-up


Added by Saleh Abbas on January 31, 2014 at 6:32am — 7 Comments

What no Snow? Oh and No heat either, but were still cycling...and planning.

Hello everyone,  

January gardening has been pushed back to February.  I was supposed to finish something.. but every week we kept driving off to see our new grandson and helping out the kids.

we shut off the lights and fans, but kept the pump and water heater going, so our system is idling with no plants.

So while the weather has been dry and cold most projects are in the collecting of supplies stage.

 1)  I did manage to score a new door for the…


Added by mark gordon on January 31, 2014 at 1:43am — 1 Comment

Aquaponics Research

As a newcomer to aquaponics (I set up my first system 6 months ago) I am impressed by the innovation of its users.

At the same time I was contemplating going back to do research, so I decided that I can combine my interest in research with my interest in aquaponics. But rather than run my own research project, I want to tap into the expertise of all the people who run their own system. After all they are the experts, rather than me a newcomer.

So I have set up a citizen science…


Added by Ria Follett on January 28, 2014 at 6:00pm — 6 Comments

My story .2

Hello Everyone,

I live in Maine, built a 4 season aquaponic greenhouse, runs on solar power and Ground battery,(SHCS).

I employ, siphon controlled media beds, Rafts, vertical growing, Duckweed production, Bioponic theories, and low energy/high output systems.

Here is a photo journal of my gardens

I also work for a Pesticide free hydroponic…


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The Wheel

Just posted a "progress so far" picture of an art piece my partner and I have dubbed "The Wheel". The concept behind this piece came from volksgarden design, however, we upcycled this project from 100% second-hand material; either we found it, had it, or we bought it at the scrapyard. The only thing I bought new in this project were the net-cups, which I later realized I could have made myself from plastic cups I had in the…


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