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Mark 2 Basement System

Jalapeno Gigante peppers under T5 lights

Basil planted July 30 in this bed; tiny seeds broadcast directly into media.…


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Robert Rowe - AP Journal

This is an an attempt at learning my way around this environment and to explain Where I stand going into aquaponics and how and where I want to go.


2013-12-28 Changes to Water Temperature Monitoring, Controlling &…


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New To The Game!

Greetings everyone! 

Glad to be a new member and looking forward to digging through past discussions while building some new ones as well. I have a small little Aquafarm from BackToTheRoots, but have been reading up on more intricate systems with the intention of building my own system.  In time, I would like to develop a custom modular system for potential commercial use, but for now I will be experimenting at home for personal use (and neighborhood love!).



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How Twitter Killed My Fish

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I'd like to share a story with you today, about a bonehead move I made.

It's the story of how I trusted a little bird to care for my fish, and how they ended up dead.

But first you need to know something about my friend…


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Cool Your Greenhouse With Enthalpy: Part 4

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In this final post on cooling, we let you in on a trick that can make a big difference in your summer greenhouse temperatures by…


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Roots can cause problems!

I had been admiring my tomato plant for a few weeks now.  Lots of foliage and lots or tomatoes.  Well, when I came home from work last week I found that the sump was nearly dry.  My water was overflowing from the tomato barrel. I pulled about two or three cups worth of roots from my gravel guard area.  Problem solved and lesson learned.  If it looks good on top, check down below!

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Pictures from the Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence

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Well, we did it.

Our ten intrepid volunteers managed to build a DIY aquaponics setup from raw materials in a period of two hours on the dot!

It's hard to overstate how impressive it is to see a bunch of permaculture folks form efficient teams…


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Aphids came in for the attack!!!!!

Aphids everywhere by the millions, sprayed with 1 prt vinegar, 2 parts water, lettuce scorched, sprayed them with water. Will the lettuce come back and what to do with the aphids. I highly doubt that this swarm is gone. Should I cut lettuce back, baby green leaf, or will they heal. At a loss.

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Angel Fish Setup aquaponics

Attached is Photo of my setup.

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An Aquaponics Manifesto

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After years of building and operating a backyard aquaponics system, and months of writing about aquaponics, until recently this question still stopped me in my…


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Huge problem with Raft system. HELP!!!

My current system at home has-been…


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Cool Your Greenhouse With Enthalpy: Part 3

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Over the past two posts on cooling, we learned about the…


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Nitrates Low

Quick question concerning the balance of all the things going on in my aquaponics. Lately my fish have stopped eating and it is starting to concern me. My parameter levels are pH-6.6, ammonia-.5, nitrites-.25, nitrates-5. Are these normal ranges for an aquaponics? I thought I had read that the ammonia and nitrites should be near 0 once the system is cycled. The system was cycled before I added fish where ammonia and nitrites were basically 0 and nitrates were at least 80. Since I added fish…


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Growth Trials from Australia

This post originally appeared on Cold Weather Aquaponics.

I'll get back to…


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Worring about my fish

Hey everyone,

I am a little worried about my fish they have all of a sudden stopped eating, or at least coming to the surface to get the food.  In fact I haven't seen any fish in the last couple of days. The water is so murky that I can't see the bottom but I was able to see the fish as they came up for food. The other day I used a brush to move some the waste at the bottom of the tank around in hopes that it would find it's way to the pump and up into the grow bed. This is when I…


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Cool your Greenhouse with Enthalpy: Part 2

This post originally appeared on Cold Weather Aquaponics

Last week we learned about the four…


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System update

This year promises to be a great year for my system.  My system has been up and running for 11 months now.  I am not checking my system like I have in the past.  Last week my system had trace amounts of ammonia and Nitrites.  My Nitrates were sitting between 20-40.  PH was good.  I recently added another outlet to my fish tank.  The second outlet allows my to run a higher volume of water through the tank.  It was necessary because saw a fungus growing on some of my goldfish. 

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Cool your Greenhouse with Enthalpy: Part 1

Well, I had a revelation this week.

On Sunday I got heat exhaustion from gardening all weekend.  Laid out in bed all day Monday, I realized something profound.

It's not cold out anymore!  

Flowers are in full bloom; spinach is bolting; my greenhouse hit 100 last week with the fan running; and the water in my aquaponics threatens to break…


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A debriefing of my time spent in Kenya

Hey guys! I am a Christian missionary and I recently got back from a month long missions trip that I took to Kenya Africa with a non profit I am a part of called YWAM (youth with a mission). I am the head of the farm here at our base in Los Angeles, and we build aquaponics systems to help end starvation and inspire hope and vision into the people of poverty stricken nations. Here is a blog post about the trip I just got back from. Please check it out.…


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4 System Types Compared

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An old man I met once told me this story:

One day - for some reason - four blind women were feeling what the old man had told them was an elephant.…


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